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Skylight Repairs Services

Ecotek Roofing Provides Professional Skylight Roofing Services

We provide professional skylight repair services to our customers in Dublin and surrounding areas. Our experts will help you keep your skylights operating at their best, and we provide expert repair services at an affordable price.


The first time you see the sunlight streaming through your skylights is something you will never forget, and we understand that your skylight is an important part of your home.


The services we provide are guaranteed, so if we can’t fix your skylight, we’ll take it back and fix it again for free. We offer 24 hour emergency services so you can rest easy knowing your skylight is in good hands.

What We Do

Ecoteck Roofing is a family-owned business dedicated to serving the needs of our customers. We provide prompt and professional skylight repair services to homeowners and business owners in the Indianapolis area.


Our services include replacing blown-out skylights, repairing skylights that have been damaged by weather, dirt, and other contaminants, and upgrading skylights to provide maximum light and energy efficiency.


We also provide skylight inspections for homeowners and small businesses, which can help you identify and repair any problems with your skylight before it becomes a bigger issue.


Our technicians can fix any skylight issue, from small leaks to broken frames. Just call or text us for a free estimate and we’ll be happy to help. Our services go beyond just repairing skylights as we provide painting services regarding it too. 

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